Almost nothing need be said is a project I worked on at the School of Looking in Instytut Fotografii Fort in Warsaw.
I designed a set of visual language flashcards that try to explain visual codes and mechanisms but at the same time deconstruct the myth about the common visual language which can be used as a universal communication tool. I take a closer look at various layers of seeing and looking and try to show the ways of decoding not only visual arts but also visual propaganda, marketing, politics and symbols. „Almost nothing need be said” can be used as a learning/discussion tool by visual arts students, artists, school pupils and everyone interested in visual communication.
I think about this deck as an object but also as a free to use teaching/learning device and because of that „Almost nothing need be said” is presented as a study set on Quizlet platform and available in a Quizlet app for smartphones. The project will be presented online and advertised in local cafes/bars/galleries in a form of postcards with a QR-code.
The title of the project is a fragment of a quote from the Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas - „Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes”. As for now, the study set is available only in Polish.​​​​​​​
Almost nothing need be said - visual flashcards
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