Voyager Golden Heartbreak
Voyager Golden Heartbreak. Presented at: TIFF Festival 2016 Rivers & Roads (Wroclaw, Poland). Group exhibition "On the road" with Kamila Buturla, Paweł Giza, Katarzyna Maluga. Curators: Bartek Talaga, Piotr Zbierski. Producer: Maja Dubowska.
At the end of the 70s NASA launched two probes into space. Each of them took a recording of Voyager Golden Record, including photographs depicting life on Earth, recordings of typical sounds from the planet, greetings in 56 languages, and a message from the president of the United States. Scientific achievements, selection of music, Bach and Chuck Berry, graphs and diagrams, legends, DNA, a manual. Civilisation looking for knowledge and peace. The harmonious image of humanity, a leaflet from interplanetary travel agency written in hieroglyphs. Intergalactic lie. Nobody is in love here, one cannot hear the sounds of lust from behind the door, nobody is waiting with open arms, nobody is scared and screaming. Nobody will be rejected, nobody will be heartbroken. We come in peace, beautiful, happy, fulfilled. Nobody gets hurt and no one will cry tonight.
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