wie dź my
wie dź my (witches) banner is the first object constituting symbolic opening of the Witches Archives. It was made by Dominika Adamska, Marta Przybył and Krzysztof Światły (with a big help of Agnieszka Pajączkowska, KN Tęcza, Sebastian Cichocki and Jakub de Barbaro) and presented as part of Rafał Milach (Magnum Photos) exhibition Oscillations in Galeria Studio, Warsaw curated by Dorota Jarecka.
Milach's exhibition "can be seen as a double narrative. On one level Milach describes and arranges visual manifestations of public protests in Poland since 2016; on another level he reflects on his own participation as a grassroots activist."
wie dź my banner, inspired by works of Mary Lowndes, founder of Artists' Suffrage League, is based on a word play. In Polish word "wiedźma" (witch) is derived from "wiedza" (knowledge) and "wie my" without the middle part "dź" means "we know". The banner is accompanied by an instagram account @wiedzty and hashtag #wiedźja .
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